Mystic is a variant whose inner beauty is hidden within the shaft walls. The shafts are constructed using masonary walls. Mystic is a solution for new homes that are'designed with an elevator shaft.

Cabin Finishes

Automatic Doors

Our Slim Auto Doors Are Designed By Sele, Italy.

  • Specially designed track and High quality Italian rollers ensures smooth operation.
  • En81 safety standards
  • Consumes low energy.
  • Plethora of RAL, Vinyl and SS finishes
  • 154 beam safety light curtain
  • Center Opening Door

  • Telescopic Door

  • Glass Door

Ceit Doors

The Ceita Swing Doors are imported from Italy as broken down kits and assembled in india.

  • Extruded Aluminium with a fabulous anodized finish or RAL finish.
  • The design has maximum glass surface
  • Innovative removable back covers hinged to the frames.

Ceitamatic auto door closures

  • First elevator swing door closure that is concealed inside the frame
  • Personifies both form and function
  • Invisible, Silent, Safe and Versatile.
  • Adjustment possibilities to Particularly suit needs of people with mobility impairment.
  • Safe Anti-Crushing operation in both directions.
  • Manual operation in case of power failures.

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